Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Would Someone View Virus Infested Free Porn, When they Could View Virus FREE Porn and Get PAID?

That is the question distributors of the brand new mlm AllxClub are asking. AllXClub is a whole new twist in both the adult entertainment industry, and the network marketing industry. Who would have ever thought that porn would be marketed through mlm? And who would've thought that mlm would ever have porn among its ranks?

There is a whole lot of shaking going on in both industries - porn, and mlm. But once everything shakes out it all makes sense. Let's backup a little. Potential distributors often ask the question "why would someone join allxclub with all the free porn that is on the net?" We'll answer that with a question..... WHY would someone watch virus infested porn for free, when they can view VIRUS FREE porn and get paid! And the REALLY big question is why would someone pay at all to watch porn, which probably isn't making the adult webmasters very happy.

With only 3 distributors sponsored you're in profit mode from first time bonus money. With 21 distributors in your matrix you're monthly membership is paid every month, just from matrix money. That doesn't include the extra money from first month bonuses and check match money. Of course there is bonus money on top of that, and prizes such as the Harley Davidson Motorcycle, and Ladies Diamond Rolex Watch, and leadership pool money, and of course commission on customers!

OR... you can join as a platinum plus distributor, sit back and relax and enjoy all the benefits of AllXClub, such as the porn, travel discounts, health information and updates, and never sponsor or market the allxclub to anyone. And eventually with a full matrix you can earn $4,000 monthly recurring income from spillover that came from distributors above you like pennies from heaven. With 600 million viewers of porn last month - the number of prospects is staggering. With AllXClub available in 58 countries the market is huge.

AllXClub just makes sense! Join now and start building your business immediately.

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