Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Desperate Housewifes NO MORE! Conservative Housewifes Profit from the Business Side of Porn

Helen (we'll just use her first name since allxclub is strictly confidential) is a typical middle class mid-west housewife in her mid-fifties living in Michigan. She has a husband, 3 children, 1 grandson, a dog and a computer. Her typical day starts with a pot of coffee, letting the dog out to take care of business, throwing a load of laundry in the washer, and sitting down to her computer to check her email like many housewifes around the world.

The only difference is Helen responds to inquiries regarding a new business that most people have never heard of, and is growing faster than many anticipated. When she told her Husband that her neighbor was doing this he was a little surprised, as the neighbor lady, was very conservative, and she was definitely not someone you would expect to be involved in an online business of this type. In fact, both Helen and her Husband were shocked that Maggie even had the computer skills to make money online, as she didn't seem very technical, or internet savvy either.

When the Neighbor first told Helen about her new business she asked her "What type of sites do you think are the most visited sites on the internet, besides a search engine or email?" Helen started rattling off "CNN? News? Weather? Travel? Jobs?" NOPE . Helen was getting frustrated..."OH it's got to be a site about Obama!"

No that wasn't it either. "Porn" her neighbor told her. The neighbor lady had joined the 1st Company in the entire World to use Network Marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing as it is often referred to), to market an adult website and adult store with the MLM method. There are so many ways to make money on the internet and Neighbor Maggie didn't like that most of them hid behind claims of how much money could be made, but they didn't tell you what they were selling. In fact most of them only tell you after you pay for their "money making opportunity." She read about this new company, and all the information was right there in front of her. It wasn't misleading or sneaky. There were the cold hard facts. This was a massive industry ($100Billion) and this was the first company to market it in a multilevel fashion. Many mainstream companies were making money on Adult Content including hotels with Adult Pay Per View, Phone Companies with Phone Sex, Phone Book and Online Ads, Banks and Credit Card Companies from all the billing for merchandise and services, etc. She realized that this was a business opportunity that really made sense. Think about it. She told Helen would you invest $39.95 into a monthly membership to earn $4,000 monthly recurring income without selling? YES! of course! Helen said "Who Wouldn't?" What if you could earn $25,000 monthly recurring income? "HELL YES!"

Well, with CallxClub.com you don't have to sponsor or recruit anybody and you can make $4,000 monthly recurring income. Recurring means that you get paid month after month after month. Even if you go on vacation - that money is still coming in. You can make up to $4,000 monthly income by not selling because allxclub offers "spillover". Spillover is basically the people above you are growing their distributorships to the point that distributors from them spillover below you and you get paid on that spillover. But if you actually market the business opportunity or the site you can make a WHOLE lot more. As much as $25,000 monthly recurring income or more! In fact, if you actively market the opportunity you can make more money a lot faster.

Helen was concerned about being connected with Adult material, but after her neighbor explained that the membership is billed discretely under a different company name, your name is not provided in the mlm to other distributors - you're instead assigned a distributor number, and the checks that you get in the mail are discrete since they are paid through a different company. Allxclub is strictly confidential.

There are no products to ship. There are no meetings required. There is no competition. Best of all there are literally millions of potential customers. But why would a person pay for adult content when they can get it for free? First off, they CAN get Adult content for FREE with allxclub because the money earned with allxclub more than covers the cost of the membership. But, unlike other free adult material on the internet there is no spyware, and there are no viruses. Many computer viruses start on free porn sites. AllXClub is completely spyware and virus free, and it is completely confidential. The real question is... Why would someone surf spyware and virus laden free porn where they can't make any money? Or better yet, why would someone pay to view porn when they can earn substantial money if they join allxclub? The goldrush is coming. Allxclub is in the perfect place at the perfect time. Many business people are joining because they know when value meets opportunity it's a winning venture. The timing is perfect, and the best time to join allxclub is now.

So now, after letting the dog out for it's morning romp, both Helen and her neighbor sit down to their computers to check their email to answer questions about the network marketing opportunity that has no inventory, no meetings, and no products with expiration dates, that can earn a whole lot more than the $4,000 monthly recurring income with no selling, and substantially more for someone like the two, not so desperate housewives in the Midwest, that now earn substantial income from allXClub. Plus they have the opportunity to earn fun bonuses along the way....such as a 46" HDTV Flat Panel TV, or $25,000 cash bonus, or $10,000 bonus, or ladies masterpiece pearlmaster rolex (msrp $30,000), or Harley Davidson VRSC X VRod Motorcycle (msrp $15,000), or Cruise for 2 including First Class Airfare.

Although when the two Housewives first started with allXClub they didn't expect to be using much of the services offered because quite frankly neither of them were into porn. They joined merely for the business opportunity, but since they joined, allxclub has added travel discounts, so now both housewifes have travel discounts that pay for their membership cost, before they even count their earnings. The travel discounts they will in fact take advantage of.

So whether you are a porn aficionado who can identify porn stars by name, or the occasional Playboy page flipper, or a Conservative Mid-West Housewife, there are benefits, discounts, AND serious income to be made with allxclub.

So... let me ask you - Would you join a club for a $39.95 monthly membership that can earn you $4,000 monthly recurring income without any selling? And a lot more money with a little effort? Join at CallXClub.com and enjoy the income, discounts, content, and spillover! CallXClub.com is a Founding Member of allxclub.

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