Monday, March 30, 2009

Distributor Reveals Top 10 AllXClub Secrets

AllXClub Secrets Revealed! If you want to Succeed with AllXClub follow these Top 10 tips..........

1. Join AllXClub Right NOW! Don't delay. You can't make money sitting on the sidelines reading about it. The sooner you join, the more you benefit from members that are spilling over from Distributors above you.

2. Join a team that will help you! If your AllXClub Sponsor is "responsive" in answering both your questions, and questions from your prospects that you need help with, you will be more successful in your new online business. Responsive includes having a contact phone number to answer questions, or help close a lead! Join under a sponsor who does have a PHONE NUMBER.

3. Don't be fooled by any Distributor offering "free training or marketing material." AllXClub has all the training material, training calls, and marketing material all of which you can access from your back-office upon joining. Don't confuse "free marketing or training stuff" with real support.

4. Join a Team where the Team Leader is willing to send leads directly to you to sponsor, so you'll earn check match bonus money in addition to matrix money from spillover. CallXClub is the ONLY Distributor we're aware of that does provide direct signups to their actively marketing down-line.

5. Join High-Up in the Matrix. CallXClub is a Founding Member under a Founding Member. Through you are in a very good spot.

6. Sign up just 3 "Quality" Members at first. If you get 3 good members under you, then it won't matter if some weak members sign up later and don't produce. Since you, and our team will fill in those spots with spillover. Sponsoring just 3 members can earn you over $73,000* monthly income on check match bonuses from those 3 members once they all have filled their matrix. *This does not include commissions from retail customers, first time bonus money, level bonus money, leadership pool money, or prizes such as the Harley Davidson VRod motocycle or Ladies Diamond Rolex.

7. Maintain your position. When you join AllXClub make sure you pay your monthly membership dues to maintain your position. If your bankcard gets rejected for your membership dues you could lose your position in the matrix.

8. Train your members. Don't Panic! AllXClub has all the information already assembled for you. All you need to do is direct new members to the AllXClub marketing and Training section of their AllXClub back-office, and Founding Member is available to help with extra training and support.

9. Assure your prospective AllXClub new mlm distributors that their private information is not shared with outside vendors, other members, or distributors, and no back-office reports contain any personal information. Each member is assigned a number.

10. Pre-screen for age only. Many people are joining AllXClub for the business opportunity. If Distributors were prescreening prospects, many AllXClub Distributors would not be members today! AllXClub distributors come from all walks of life, many different countries (58), all age groups (over 18), and all lifestyles. Some are retired, some are in college, some are church-goers, some attend synagogue, some are single, some are married, some are gay, some are women, some are business owners, some are high profile community people, some are conservative, some are computer geeks, some are new to network marketing and new to the internet while others are not. One thing they all have in common - they all want to make money - and they all know Sex Sells! If you know ANYONE who is over 18 that wants to make money sign them up! is a Founding Member of AllXClub.

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