Saturday, March 28, 2009

AllXClub! AllXClub! AllXClub! Everyone is Talking about the Hot New MLM

What are they talking about? Unlike other network business structures, you do not have to bring anyone in to make money. This means that when you join allxclub through Top Distributor this is especially true, due to spillover. That bears repeating.... in this new mlm you DO NOT have to actively market, or sponsor, or throw parties, or have meetings, or attend meetings to earn money. In other networks, not only do you have to bring in people, you must do it on both sides of yourself in the matrix or you won’t get paid. In this new mlm, you don’t have to bring in anyone. However the really big money is paid when you do. Whatever the person you sponsor earns is duplicated in an additional check to you, called a "check match bonus". After you read the compensation plan a few times it starts sinking in.

The basic points for this new adult mlm are: when your matrix fills up, if you’ve sponsored absolutely nobody, you will receive approx $4000. per month. Additionally, there is no limit on how many people you can sponsor into allxclub. If you sponsor only 3 people, and all of you have completely filled your matrix your monthly recurring income from ONLY the check match bonus would be $73,894.50 Plus the income from your matrix $24,631.50. Plus commissions on retail customers, and leadership pool money. This is internet income. No products to lug around.

As you can see the NEW MLM is extremely lucrative!

For the Entrepreneurs who want to actively market AllXClub the market is massive - 58 countries. The number of prospects is staggering 600 MILLION last month! The places to market for free are endless, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Craigs List, BackPage, Adult Forums, MLM forums, Network Marketing Forums, and the list goes on. When you review your own AllXClub web site you will see all the incredible possibilities. It’s all been done for you and in a very first class way. This product does not have to be delivered or stored. Don’t feel so shy about it. Every name brand you know is also making money in the adult industry.

Hotel chains are making millions with their on demand videos. We never have to see or be involved with that part of the business if you don’t want. We are selling memberships to a club as a monetary vehicle. It’s what makes the business legal. If others want to avail themselves with what comes along free with the membership, good for them. . Ironically, if they buy more, we also make more…but that’s a side benefit. One in seven clicks on the net already do! This is a multi billion dollar legal business and AllXClub is the first to incorporate it into a multi level direct sales organization on the internet.

The cost is $39.95 per month to maintain your position. If after a few months you don’t see money coming in, quit. Big deal. However, if you're smart, you'll hold your position and let your downline continue to grow and earn more and more income as each month passes. Why would a member of another adult site Pay to Play, when with AllXClub they can Play AND GET PAID? As the word spreads about AllXClub, the profits will continue to rise. If you're looking for a way to earn a very big internet income with a very little investment this is the one. JOIN the fastest growing ALLXCLUB team today.

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