Monday, March 23, 2009

AllXClub New Members Benefit from Existing Members

It has been said by many, that you have to "get in early", or that "only the people at the top" earn money from a mlm. First off, AllXClub is in fact new - the official launch was March 2nd of 2009 (this month). So to satisfy the people that claim that the best time to get into an mlm is when it's brand new, then the time to join allxclub would be NOW.

But wait a minute, let's examine this in more detail. First of all, you earn money from the sales of memberships to the adult site, that is going to be around for a long time, whether you join today, or next month, or the following year, and beyond. So it really doesn't matter if you joined the first week, or the first month, or the first year.

But what about the mlm money? AllXClub offers a 3x9 matrix with spillover. This means that directly below a new distributor are 3 distributors, who have 3 below each of them, and this continues down 9 levels. When the distributor at the top of the matrix sponsors another distributor that new "4th" distributor "spills" over into the matrix below. So one of the distributors below will get a new distributor below them that they did not sponsor. However that new distributor WILL be counted in the matrix money for the distributor that did not sponsor the new distributor. So you benefit from the distributors above you. Once a distributor has "21" distributors in their matrix (whether they sponsored them or they are from spillover) their monthly platinum plus distributor membership is basically free, since the matrix money earned covers the cost of the membership.

So you could literally join allxclub as a platinum plus distributor, sit back, relax, and do nothing, and your income from the matrix money will pay for your monthly fees with just 21 people below you. Of course, that will happen faster if you help those distributors above you spread the word about allxclub, and bring in some new members for the money making opportunity. In fact, it happens REALLY FAST if you get 3 people to join, and then help those 3 distributors get 3 more distributors, and teach them to do the same on down the line. But even if you DO NOTHING but sit back and pay your monthly membership dues, when the matrix fills up, you will be earning $4,000 monthly recurring income. There are not many businesses out there that will pay you for doing nothing. Plus you'll be getting access to the adult content and discounts on travel and store purchases. So regardless, you're membership is paying for itself already if you're using any of those services. Of course you can always sponsor more people, which will just increase your matrix money, and your check match money.

The check match bonus is basically for each distributor that you personally sponsor - you'll earn a copy of their matrix money. For example if John Doe, who you personally sponsored, earns $2,200 in matrix money you'll get $2,220 also. And if Cindy Smith, who you sponsored, earns $980 in matrix money, you get $980 also. And if Bill Jackson, who you sponsored, earns $914 in matrix money, you'll get $914 also. So if you only sponsored those 3 people you'll earn $4094 monthly from check match bonus money. Plus you'll get commission on your customer memberships who are not distributors, plus you'll earn your OWN matrix money, plus you'll earn 1st time bonus money which is $15 for the first month per each new distributor, plus you'll eventually earn money from the leadership pool. And at different levels there are bonuses ranging from $200 to $25,000.

Once filled, your earnings from ONLY YOUR matrix will be $24,631.50 monthly. That is "recurring income". The BEST kind of income. That means that if you go on vacation, you're business downline and customers are in place to keep on earning you income. Month after month after month.

That doesn't include the check match bonus, the first month bonus, the retail customer commission, and leadership pool earnings.

The leadership pool is money that is shared by the top distributors. 1% or 2% of the entire business volume of the entire company, which is shared by all distributors in either the diamond or double diamond levels.

As you can see there are some very big profits to be made from an extremely small investment. Whether you are into adult merchandise, or travel or not. AllXClub is an excellent way to generate a substantial income.

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