Monday, May 18, 2009

( is a founding member of AllXClub). Ahhh, so it's been a while since I've updated. Actually Allxclub started out on a fluke, followed by a great response and my reaction to that great response, folllowed by a slump, and now a revitalization has emerged. So what is a girl to do? Stay focused. It's easy to get distracted and bombarded by 10 billion offers to earn extra income online, or offline for that matter. Information overload. Yup. I'm a victim. Blog, adsense, adwords, website, lead generator, lead capture, emails, tour pages, twitter, ads, links, digg, facebook, myspace, phone calls and lets not forget .... that simple four letter word.... (NO not that one!) - this one ..... "TIME"

In this fast paced word we live in we often expect instant gratification. Perhaps the pace of the world has nothing to do with it, but rather the fact that we're pretty much spoiled. So we expect instant returns. It really gets down to the risk reward ratio. The bigger the risk - the bigger the reward. Allxclub has a very small risk, when it comes to the investment of money. The biggest risk may actually be the valuable time you spend, or don't spend. As the saying goes, "time is money." Those that devote consistent time will see rewards.

When you join Allxclub it's important to stay focused and devote "consistent" time. It may be only be an hour a day, or an hour every other day. But the fact is it's important to maintain consistency. It's not necessary to do everything all at once. But it is necessary to be consistent. If you're not a techno geek, that's ok. A business card handed out with the words, "check this out - an online adult business that pays you money." That's it. That's really all it takes. However, it has to be repeated consistently over time. The demand is out there - but if you don't devote the time to let people know you exist they will never know you're there. is a Founding Member of

Monday, March 30, 2009

Distributor Reveals Top 10 AllXClub Secrets

AllXClub Secrets Revealed! If you want to Succeed with AllXClub follow these Top 10 tips..........

1. Join AllXClub Right NOW! Don't delay. You can't make money sitting on the sidelines reading about it. The sooner you join, the more you benefit from members that are spilling over from Distributors above you.

2. Join a team that will help you! If your AllXClub Sponsor is "responsive" in answering both your questions, and questions from your prospects that you need help with, you will be more successful in your new online business. Responsive includes having a contact phone number to answer questions, or help close a lead! Join under a sponsor who does have a PHONE NUMBER.

3. Don't be fooled by any Distributor offering "free training or marketing material." AllXClub has all the training material, training calls, and marketing material all of which you can access from your back-office upon joining. Don't confuse "free marketing or training stuff" with real support.

4. Join a Team where the Team Leader is willing to send leads directly to you to sponsor, so you'll earn check match bonus money in addition to matrix money from spillover. CallXClub is the ONLY Distributor we're aware of that does provide direct signups to their actively marketing down-line.

5. Join High-Up in the Matrix. CallXClub is a Founding Member under a Founding Member. Through you are in a very good spot.

6. Sign up just 3 "Quality" Members at first. If you get 3 good members under you, then it won't matter if some weak members sign up later and don't produce. Since you, and our team will fill in those spots with spillover. Sponsoring just 3 members can earn you over $73,000* monthly income on check match bonuses from those 3 members once they all have filled their matrix. *This does not include commissions from retail customers, first time bonus money, level bonus money, leadership pool money, or prizes such as the Harley Davidson VRod motocycle or Ladies Diamond Rolex.

7. Maintain your position. When you join AllXClub make sure you pay your monthly membership dues to maintain your position. If your bankcard gets rejected for your membership dues you could lose your position in the matrix.

8. Train your members. Don't Panic! AllXClub has all the information already assembled for you. All you need to do is direct new members to the AllXClub marketing and Training section of their AllXClub back-office, and Founding Member is available to help with extra training and support.

9. Assure your prospective AllXClub new mlm distributors that their private information is not shared with outside vendors, other members, or distributors, and no back-office reports contain any personal information. Each member is assigned a number.

10. Pre-screen for age only. Many people are joining AllXClub for the business opportunity. If Distributors were prescreening prospects, many AllXClub Distributors would not be members today! AllXClub distributors come from all walks of life, many different countries (58), all age groups (over 18), and all lifestyles. Some are retired, some are in college, some are church-goers, some attend synagogue, some are single, some are married, some are gay, some are women, some are business owners, some are high profile community people, some are conservative, some are computer geeks, some are new to network marketing and new to the internet while others are not. One thing they all have in common - they all want to make money - and they all know Sex Sells! If you know ANYONE who is over 18 that wants to make money sign them up! is a Founding Member of AllXClub.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

AllXClub! AllXClub! AllXClub! Everyone is Talking about the Hot New MLM

What are they talking about? Unlike other network business structures, you do not have to bring anyone in to make money. This means that when you join allxclub through Top Distributor this is especially true, due to spillover. That bears repeating.... in this new mlm you DO NOT have to actively market, or sponsor, or throw parties, or have meetings, or attend meetings to earn money. In other networks, not only do you have to bring in people, you must do it on both sides of yourself in the matrix or you won’t get paid. In this new mlm, you don’t have to bring in anyone. However the really big money is paid when you do. Whatever the person you sponsor earns is duplicated in an additional check to you, called a "check match bonus". After you read the compensation plan a few times it starts sinking in.

The basic points for this new adult mlm are: when your matrix fills up, if you’ve sponsored absolutely nobody, you will receive approx $4000. per month. Additionally, there is no limit on how many people you can sponsor into allxclub. If you sponsor only 3 people, and all of you have completely filled your matrix your monthly recurring income from ONLY the check match bonus would be $73,894.50 Plus the income from your matrix $24,631.50. Plus commissions on retail customers, and leadership pool money. This is internet income. No products to lug around.

As you can see the NEW MLM is extremely lucrative!

For the Entrepreneurs who want to actively market AllXClub the market is massive - 58 countries. The number of prospects is staggering 600 MILLION last month! The places to market for free are endless, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Craigs List, BackPage, Adult Forums, MLM forums, Network Marketing Forums, and the list goes on. When you review your own AllXClub web site you will see all the incredible possibilities. It’s all been done for you and in a very first class way. This product does not have to be delivered or stored. Don’t feel so shy about it. Every name brand you know is also making money in the adult industry.

Hotel chains are making millions with their on demand videos. We never have to see or be involved with that part of the business if you don’t want. We are selling memberships to a club as a monetary vehicle. It’s what makes the business legal. If others want to avail themselves with what comes along free with the membership, good for them. . Ironically, if they buy more, we also make more…but that’s a side benefit. One in seven clicks on the net already do! This is a multi billion dollar legal business and AllXClub is the first to incorporate it into a multi level direct sales organization on the internet.

The cost is $39.95 per month to maintain your position. If after a few months you don’t see money coming in, quit. Big deal. However, if you're smart, you'll hold your position and let your downline continue to grow and earn more and more income as each month passes. Why would a member of another adult site Pay to Play, when with AllXClub they can Play AND GET PAID? As the word spreads about AllXClub, the profits will continue to rise. If you're looking for a way to earn a very big internet income with a very little investment this is the one. JOIN the fastest growing ALLXCLUB team today.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Real Estate Brokers, CEO's, Mortgage Bankers, and Executives Flock to Recession Proof Business

Successful CEO's and Business Owners know how to roll their sleeves up, dig their heels in and reinvent themselves when necessary. With the extreme events happening on Wall Street and the fallout on Main Street, many successful Executives and Entrepreneurs have taken a big financial hit, and been forced to think outside the box and look for other employers or business opportunities to supply the much needed income for their families.

With no success in the job market, many are turning to an unusual business they may not have considered in the past. Whether they were busy winning awards for breaking top sales records in Real Estate, managing Hedge Funds, building successful Travel Businesses, Running Mortgage Companies, or Brokering Business deals. Many CEO's and Entrepreneurs are turning to an unusual business. A new business that would make sense to any economics professor. By combining two businesses, that are both recession proof - Adult and Network Marketing. AllXClub offers an extremely lucrative pay plan, and 600 million prospects. Bottom line, AllXClub is a marketers dream, and a company that could possibly turn the online adult industry on its head.

With a pay structure that even allows members who are not actively marketing the Distributor side of the business, the ability to earn money, many members of other adult sites, and surfers of free virus filled adult content, may very well begin to shift to the mlm model promoted by AllXClub. Why wouldn't they? They get paid! Getting paid is good any day of the week, but with the economy in the shape that it's in, AllXClub has especially good timing, and as any Distributor will tell you, the memberships and distributorships are steadily rising. is a Founding Member of AllXClub.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Would Someone View Virus Infested Free Porn, When they Could View Virus FREE Porn and Get PAID?

That is the question distributors of the brand new mlm AllxClub are asking. AllXClub is a whole new twist in both the adult entertainment industry, and the network marketing industry. Who would have ever thought that porn would be marketed through mlm? And who would've thought that mlm would ever have porn among its ranks?

There is a whole lot of shaking going on in both industries - porn, and mlm. But once everything shakes out it all makes sense. Let's backup a little. Potential distributors often ask the question "why would someone join allxclub with all the free porn that is on the net?" We'll answer that with a question..... WHY would someone watch virus infested porn for free, when they can view VIRUS FREE porn and get paid! And the REALLY big question is why would someone pay at all to watch porn, which probably isn't making the adult webmasters very happy.

With only 3 distributors sponsored you're in profit mode from first time bonus money. With 21 distributors in your matrix you're monthly membership is paid every month, just from matrix money. That doesn't include the extra money from first month bonuses and check match money. Of course there is bonus money on top of that, and prizes such as the Harley Davidson Motorcycle, and Ladies Diamond Rolex Watch, and leadership pool money, and of course commission on customers!

OR... you can join as a platinum plus distributor, sit back and relax and enjoy all the benefits of AllXClub, such as the porn, travel discounts, health information and updates, and never sponsor or market the allxclub to anyone. And eventually with a full matrix you can earn $4,000 monthly recurring income from spillover that came from distributors above you like pennies from heaven. With 600 million viewers of porn last month - the number of prospects is staggering. With AllXClub available in 58 countries the market is huge.

AllXClub just makes sense! Join now and start building your business immediately.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Desperate Housewifes NO MORE! Conservative Housewifes Profit from the Business Side of Porn

Helen (we'll just use her first name since allxclub is strictly confidential) is a typical middle class mid-west housewife in her mid-fifties living in Michigan. She has a husband, 3 children, 1 grandson, a dog and a computer. Her typical day starts with a pot of coffee, letting the dog out to take care of business, throwing a load of laundry in the washer, and sitting down to her computer to check her email like many housewifes around the world.

The only difference is Helen responds to inquiries regarding a new business that most people have never heard of, and is growing faster than many anticipated. When she told her Husband that her neighbor was doing this he was a little surprised, as the neighbor lady, was very conservative, and she was definitely not someone you would expect to be involved in an online business of this type. In fact, both Helen and her Husband were shocked that Maggie even had the computer skills to make money online, as she didn't seem very technical, or internet savvy either.

When the Neighbor first told Helen about her new business she asked her "What type of sites do you think are the most visited sites on the internet, besides a search engine or email?" Helen started rattling off "CNN? News? Weather? Travel? Jobs?" NOPE . Helen was getting frustrated..."OH it's got to be a site about Obama!"

No that wasn't it either. "Porn" her neighbor told her. The neighbor lady had joined the 1st Company in the entire World to use Network Marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing as it is often referred to), to market an adult website and adult store with the MLM method. There are so many ways to make money on the internet and Neighbor Maggie didn't like that most of them hid behind claims of how much money could be made, but they didn't tell you what they were selling. In fact most of them only tell you after you pay for their "money making opportunity." She read about this new company, and all the information was right there in front of her. It wasn't misleading or sneaky. There were the cold hard facts. This was a massive industry ($100Billion) and this was the first company to market it in a multilevel fashion. Many mainstream companies were making money on Adult Content including hotels with Adult Pay Per View, Phone Companies with Phone Sex, Phone Book and Online Ads, Banks and Credit Card Companies from all the billing for merchandise and services, etc. She realized that this was a business opportunity that really made sense. Think about it. She told Helen would you invest $39.95 into a monthly membership to earn $4,000 monthly recurring income without selling? YES! of course! Helen said "Who Wouldn't?" What if you could earn $25,000 monthly recurring income? "HELL YES!"

Well, with you don't have to sponsor or recruit anybody and you can make $4,000 monthly recurring income. Recurring means that you get paid month after month after month. Even if you go on vacation - that money is still coming in. You can make up to $4,000 monthly income by not selling because allxclub offers "spillover". Spillover is basically the people above you are growing their distributorships to the point that distributors from them spillover below you and you get paid on that spillover. But if you actually market the business opportunity or the site you can make a WHOLE lot more. As much as $25,000 monthly recurring income or more! In fact, if you actively market the opportunity you can make more money a lot faster.

Helen was concerned about being connected with Adult material, but after her neighbor explained that the membership is billed discretely under a different company name, your name is not provided in the mlm to other distributors - you're instead assigned a distributor number, and the checks that you get in the mail are discrete since they are paid through a different company. Allxclub is strictly confidential.

There are no products to ship. There are no meetings required. There is no competition. Best of all there are literally millions of potential customers. But why would a person pay for adult content when they can get it for free? First off, they CAN get Adult content for FREE with allxclub because the money earned with allxclub more than covers the cost of the membership. But, unlike other free adult material on the internet there is no spyware, and there are no viruses. Many computer viruses start on free porn sites. AllXClub is completely spyware and virus free, and it is completely confidential. The real question is... Why would someone surf spyware and virus laden free porn where they can't make any money? Or better yet, why would someone pay to view porn when they can earn substantial money if they join allxclub? The goldrush is coming. Allxclub is in the perfect place at the perfect time. Many business people are joining because they know when value meets opportunity it's a winning venture. The timing is perfect, and the best time to join allxclub is now.

So now, after letting the dog out for it's morning romp, both Helen and her neighbor sit down to their computers to check their email to answer questions about the network marketing opportunity that has no inventory, no meetings, and no products with expiration dates, that can earn a whole lot more than the $4,000 monthly recurring income with no selling, and substantially more for someone like the two, not so desperate housewives in the Midwest, that now earn substantial income from allXClub. Plus they have the opportunity to earn fun bonuses along the way....such as a 46" HDTV Flat Panel TV, or $25,000 cash bonus, or $10,000 bonus, or ladies masterpiece pearlmaster rolex (msrp $30,000), or Harley Davidson VRSC X VRod Motorcycle (msrp $15,000), or Cruise for 2 including First Class Airfare.

Although when the two Housewives first started with allXClub they didn't expect to be using much of the services offered because quite frankly neither of them were into porn. They joined merely for the business opportunity, but since they joined, allxclub has added travel discounts, so now both housewifes have travel discounts that pay for their membership cost, before they even count their earnings. The travel discounts they will in fact take advantage of.

So whether you are a porn aficionado who can identify porn stars by name, or the occasional Playboy page flipper, or a Conservative Mid-West Housewife, there are benefits, discounts, AND serious income to be made with allxclub.

So... let me ask you - Would you join a club for a $39.95 monthly membership that can earn you $4,000 monthly recurring income without any selling? And a lot more money with a little effort? Join at and enjoy the income, discounts, content, and spillover! is a Founding Member of allxclub.

Monday, March 23, 2009

AllXClub New Members Benefit from Existing Members

It has been said by many, that you have to "get in early", or that "only the people at the top" earn money from a mlm. First off, AllXClub is in fact new - the official launch was March 2nd of 2009 (this month). So to satisfy the people that claim that the best time to get into an mlm is when it's brand new, then the time to join allxclub would be NOW.

But wait a minute, let's examine this in more detail. First of all, you earn money from the sales of memberships to the adult site, that is going to be around for a long time, whether you join today, or next month, or the following year, and beyond. So it really doesn't matter if you joined the first week, or the first month, or the first year.

But what about the mlm money? AllXClub offers a 3x9 matrix with spillover. This means that directly below a new distributor are 3 distributors, who have 3 below each of them, and this continues down 9 levels. When the distributor at the top of the matrix sponsors another distributor that new "4th" distributor "spills" over into the matrix below. So one of the distributors below will get a new distributor below them that they did not sponsor. However that new distributor WILL be counted in the matrix money for the distributor that did not sponsor the new distributor. So you benefit from the distributors above you. Once a distributor has "21" distributors in their matrix (whether they sponsored them or they are from spillover) their monthly platinum plus distributor membership is basically free, since the matrix money earned covers the cost of the membership.

So you could literally join allxclub as a platinum plus distributor, sit back, relax, and do nothing, and your income from the matrix money will pay for your monthly fees with just 21 people below you. Of course, that will happen faster if you help those distributors above you spread the word about allxclub, and bring in some new members for the money making opportunity. In fact, it happens REALLY FAST if you get 3 people to join, and then help those 3 distributors get 3 more distributors, and teach them to do the same on down the line. But even if you DO NOTHING but sit back and pay your monthly membership dues, when the matrix fills up, you will be earning $4,000 monthly recurring income. There are not many businesses out there that will pay you for doing nothing. Plus you'll be getting access to the adult content and discounts on travel and store purchases. So regardless, you're membership is paying for itself already if you're using any of those services. Of course you can always sponsor more people, which will just increase your matrix money, and your check match money.

The check match bonus is basically for each distributor that you personally sponsor - you'll earn a copy of their matrix money. For example if John Doe, who you personally sponsored, earns $2,200 in matrix money you'll get $2,220 also. And if Cindy Smith, who you sponsored, earns $980 in matrix money, you get $980 also. And if Bill Jackson, who you sponsored, earns $914 in matrix money, you'll get $914 also. So if you only sponsored those 3 people you'll earn $4094 monthly from check match bonus money. Plus you'll get commission on your customer memberships who are not distributors, plus you'll earn your OWN matrix money, plus you'll earn 1st time bonus money which is $15 for the first month per each new distributor, plus you'll eventually earn money from the leadership pool. And at different levels there are bonuses ranging from $200 to $25,000.

Once filled, your earnings from ONLY YOUR matrix will be $24,631.50 monthly. That is "recurring income". The BEST kind of income. That means that if you go on vacation, you're business downline and customers are in place to keep on earning you income. Month after month after month.

That doesn't include the check match bonus, the first month bonus, the retail customer commission, and leadership pool earnings.

The leadership pool is money that is shared by the top distributors. 1% or 2% of the entire business volume of the entire company, which is shared by all distributors in either the diamond or double diamond levels.

As you can see there are some very big profits to be made from an extremely small investment. Whether you are into adult merchandise, or travel or not. AllXClub is an excellent way to generate a substantial income.

View the AllXClub Compensation Plan courtesy of