Sunday, March 22, 2009

AllXClub Scam

Is AllXClub a scam? Is it REALLY possible to make money with allxclub? Well... if you were to listen to numerous friends of mine, the answer would be a resounding YES - allxclub is a scam! They all said I'd get ripped off by all x club. My friends told me it was a pyramid scheme. But on a pyramid scheme you can't get paid from those above you right? With allxclub you can.

Those are the same friends that I had to call to tell, that I had a check in the mail within 2 weeks of joining allxclub, from money I earned with allxclub in 2 weeks! (Yes, I joined regardless of my naysayer friends, who said allxclub is a scam, because to me it just made sense.)

If 1 out of every 7 clicks on the internet goes to an adult site - there is some MAJOR traffic going to adult sites. As customers of those adult sites realize that they could be going to their OWN site, and making money from their own adult site at the same time be getting access to all the adult content PLUS MORE BENEFITS, such as discounts on travel. Why wouldn't they join allxclub as a Platinum Plus Distributor and earn money while using the benefits and savings? It's like getting paid to watch porn, or getting paid to get a discount on travel and adult products, and merchandise.

But what about all the FREE PORN on the internet? First of all - If you're watching FREE porn on the internet BEWARE that MOST computer viruses, and spyware are spread through FREE porn. Allxclub is spyware and virus free. And all content provided through allxclub is produced by consenting adults.

As a friend of a big Monavie Distributor I've seen the checks that are generated by network marketing, or mlm as some people call it. He's made well over $20,000 per month for some time now. So I know firsthand, the claims of big money in mlm are possible. And his success is with a product where people have to go to meetings, and wait for shipping, and explain the acai berry, and antioxidants, and have a great deal of product knowledge, plus make health claims that are questionable. AND they stock a product with an expiration date!

With allxclub there is no learning curve. There is no waiting period. There is no expiration date. The minute you join, you have all the marketing tools to recruit or sponsor additional allxclub distributors. You have access to all the adult content, including streaming video, pics, and virus free downloads. You have your own adult site, your own adult store (without the inventory) stocked full with all the lotions, potions, toys, lingerie etc. You have access to discounts on travel and adult store purchases. You have access to adult health information, and everything is instantly available online. Allxclub is an online business you can start marketing from the minute you join. You can market the adult site with all the adult videos, and products, or you can market the adult mlm and get allxclub distributors underneath you so you can earn money from them too.

The learning curve is as big or as little as you want it to be. You can actually join and recruit NOBODY, and still earn $4,000 monthly recurring income on a full matrix. Take the tour at and click on the compensation plan to understand all the various ways to make money with allxclub.

To me it was a no-brainer. But WAIT! What about all the people that don't want to be associated with adult content? They don't have to be! Allxclub has thought of everything. Each member is assigned a member number, so ALL matrix information, online reports, and back office data only includes the Distributor number. When you get your own adult site you can customize the name to read whatever you want. You can leave it blank, or you can put it in a company name. Even the checks are processed from a different corporate name.

I believe MANY more people will join allxclub, once they realize it is strictly confidential, and a very simple business to make serious money from a very little investment of $39.95.

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